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Filters the records to pass only the records that match the specified condition(s) to the next pipeline stage.

Single Filter

A single filter can be defined as a string representing the syntax:

"blastid==160" // return only records where blastid equals 160

It can also be defined as an object. The notes field is just for convenience, allowing user to describe the purpose of the filter when syntax isn't obvious.

// return only records where country equals Canada
"syntax": "country==2",
"notes": "Canada"

Multiple Filters

Multiple filters can be defined using an array. They will be combined using boolean AND.

// returns records where:
// (blastid equals 160) AND (segment equals 1 OR 2) AND (us_state equals "AK")
"segment in (1,2)",
syntax: "us_state=\"AK\""
country: "Alaska"